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On-Site DMU

Direct Mail Marketing with Variable Data Printing

At MWI Direct, we’re honored to be one of a select number of printing service providers with USPS under our roof. The large volumes of mail that we handle have helped us earn the opportunity to work closely with our partners to give your special mailing campaigns prompt and accurate attention. When your mail gets verified and accepted, it can skip steps, such as navigating regional USPS distribution centers.

The primary value of our in-house verification is that it saves steps in getting your mail designed, printed, and mailed. DMU employees provide guidance to printers and marketers at all stages of the process. If your mail piece’s design or weight (among other things) does not meet postal rules, it could get rejected. You might need to reprint it to get into compliance, and that costs time and money. No one wants that. 

And you get an added layer of security because we have an onsite USPS Detached Mail Unit (DMU). We’re not transporting your mail off site – instead, the mail is accepted by the DMU verifier and loaded into the awaiting USPS onsite racks. So we get the job done quickly and securely.