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Sustainable Green Printing

MWI Direct is pleased to support the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership as an SGP Patron. As industry leaders dedicated to promoting sustainability, SGP relies on their patrons to support their mission and keep costs low for applicants.

Our partnership with SGP demonstrates a commitment to you – our customers – to meet the needs of your customers’ sustainable business practices, which in the end benefits people, profits, and the planet. 

What Does This Partnership Mean for MWI Customers 

SGP Partnership, a non-profit organization, established the sustainability benchmark for printing facilities. Built on three pillars, economic, societal, and environmental, SGP’s certification program encourages printers to reduce their environmental impact and increase social awareness of your best practices, in order to provide you a more sustainable supply chain

SGP Certified

There are seven main components to becoming an SGP certified printer:

  • EHS Regulatory Compliance
  • Sustainability Management System
  • Mandatory Best Practices
  • Social Aspects
  • Metrics System
  • Annual Continuous Improvement Project
  • Annual Progress Report

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